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All of our training is fun, friendly, kind and effective!

We offer different options for training to suit your schedule, training goals and lifestyle

We only use positive reinforcement methods of training - no tools, corrections or punishment

1-2-1 Sessions 
Private training sessions that start at home to teach your dog new behaviours in an environment they feel comfortable in and without all of the distractions of the outside world.
Follow on sessions can be used to move this training out into real life situations.

These sessions can also be really useful for new puppy owners to help support them with home based training such as house training, being left alone, chewing and biting

1-2-1 sessions are completely personalised to you and your dog.
For more information on 1-2-1 sessions 

Classes and workshops 
Group classes are a great way to practice around distractions and learn to listen around other dogs and people. 

Our classes are designed to be fun, friendly and teach skills that are important to everyday life. 

Classes we offer include:
Puppy classes
Teenage troubles

What makes our classes different?

Small groups of less than 5 puppies or dogs
Two trainers
Video demos and instructions for each exercise
Indoor venues in Roundhay, LS8
Individual support

For more information on classes

Activity workshops
We run regular workshops throughout the year which are stand alone sessions.
Come and join us to learn a new skill, sport or activity

Workshops we offer are:
Dog Parkour
Focus & Attention games

For more information about classes and workshops 

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