All of our training is fun, friendly, kind and effective!

During the Covid 19 lockdowns we were unable to offer group classes or workshops so instead switched to 1-2-1 sessions in customers gardens and outdoor locations.
We have found this so effective that we are in no massive rush to start classes again!

The reason we aren't rushing is because when we train our own dogs we will start at home first.
We choose a quiet, non distracting environment so that the puppy/dog finds it easy to learn the new information and can enjoy the training.
As you can imagine class situations are the exact opposite to this! 

We also want to teach you and your dog what is important to you... every dog is different and so are peoples priorities.

Classes do have their place if they are small and well run and we are looking to offer these in the future. We are currently restructuring them, looking for the best venue options and making decisions about how we can make them as effective as the 1-2-1 sessions.

Our priority is making sure that all of our services are the best they can be