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A dogs most powerful sense is his sense of smell. It is their super power!

Any dog can use their nose so don't think because you have a non working breed they can't have a go - they will surprise you we promise!

We like scent work for many reasons but here are a few of the benefits:

  • Using their nose has a calming effect 

  • It is mentally tiring, so for those high energy dogs it can give them a different way to use their energy

  • It can be hugely beneficial for nervous or reactive dogs 

  • Builds confidence 

  • Builds a strong bond with dog and handler

  • Increases optimism

There are many scentwork activities available for pet dog owners however we have chosen to focus on Trail Hunt International which is a mix of tracking and trailing

We chose this particular scent work sport as compared to others it is the easiest one to practice on your own with minimal equipment. 

We also love the simple progression training that allows dogs to easily move through the gradual progression and owners see progress quickly

Both of my dogs have tried different scentwork activities and Trail Hunt is by far their favourite!

See the Trail Hunt page for more information and dates of upcoming workshops (1:1 sessions also available)

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