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What do we mean by "Reactive"?

A reactive dog is dog who finds things in the environment scary, over exciting or frustrating.

These emotions lead them to display behaviours that may look like an "over reaction" instead of being able to pass by confidently or calmly.

Examples we see regularly are: barking and lunging, stopping and staring, jumping in the air, mouthing, biting the lead

Reactive dogs can feel a mix of the emotions and display a mix of behaviours - every dog is different.


About our Reactive dog sessions

Our reactive dog package is a block of 4 sessions as it takes a more than one session to help you make changes to how your dog feels about things.

Before you book our sessions you will get a free consultation call that can be done via phone or video call. During this call we will discuss the problem, ask lots of questions and then arrange a suitable time for the first session. 

The first session is normally done at your home or in your garden and aims to be the foundation for putting a training plan in place. We will do our best to make suggestions on how to easily fit the training into your lifestyle but we may ask you to make some changes to your current routine.

The following sessions will then be planned out so we have realistic goals set out.

The sessions will be spread out to work at a speed that works for both you and your dog.

You will also receive a emailed copy of the plan, video demos, links and anything else we think you may need.

We will also support you via phone or email in between sessions.

If you are not sure which type of training you will need please get in touch, we love chatting to people about their dogs and always want to make sure they are getting the right service.

The Reactive dog package costs £240 for the 4 sessions and follow on sessions can be booked for £50 after the initial package.

There are behaviour problems that we won't be able to help with but if during the free consultation call we decide your dog needs help from a qualified canine behaviourist we will refer you to the right person.

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