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Frequently asked questions

What methods do you use?
All of the methods used at The Canine Place are reward driven.
The theory is all science based and we always aim to tell you the 'why' of what we are suggesting.
We don't use any equipment or methods that will cause fear or physical harm.
Our aim is for both owners and dogs enjoy the training and that the dogs want to participate.

How long will the training take? How many sessions will I need?
This is always a tricky one to answer! It depends on a number of things: Firstly all dogs are different and all owners are too. We aim to give you a rough idea on the first session of how many sessions might be needed to achieve what you are aiming for but we will also talk you through a lot of things you can do at home in between sessions to help you speed things up. It will also depend on what you are wanting to get out of the sessions and what previous experience you and your dog have. 

How long do the sessions go on for?
The first 1-2-1 session is roughly 1 1/2 hours and the follow on sessions are 1 hour.
Scentwork and Dog parkour are 1 1/2 hour 
Training walks are approx 45 mins

Can you fix behaviour problems?
Short answer is yes we can help and support you with some behaviour problems. We are happy to take on clients that have problems with general behaviour, reactivity (often seen as Lunging and barking). pulling on leads, not coming back when called.
The longer answer is that there are some behaviour problems that will need help from a qualified canine behaviourist, dogs that have a bite history, showing agression (the intent to cause harm) and severe separation anxiety are some of the things we would look to refer on to a behaviourist.
We also know that a lot of owners don't know for sure if their dog is showing aggressive behaviour or is reactive. Or if they are struggling to settle in their new home or have real separation anxiety so we are always happy to have a phone consult to help you decide who will be best placed to help you. There is no charge for these calls - we want to make sure everyone gets the right support even if its not us in the end.

How do I book a session?
Though we know most people like booking online we have chosen to keep it old school and ask you to give us a call. email or message on one of our social media pages. We like to get a bit of information in advance and make sure we are allocating enough time for your session.

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