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Sarah has been fascinated by dogs since she was a teenager and has made studying training and behaviour her focus for the last 7 years. She has a huge amount of experience of working with various breeds and most of her spare time is still spent attending courses or training with her own dogs.

Sarah prides herself on being friendly, understanding and aims to explain the training methods in an easy to follow way. She understands that most dog owners want a simple plan with obvious results. She is also happy to go into more detail about the science behind the methods if you want to go more in-depth.

Sarah's training focus is helping owners and dogs live happily together, this focus means that the puppy and general training she offers is all about 'life skills'. The aim being a dog who can go anywhere with the family and behave in a calm and well mannered way.

At The Canine Place we cover training for all ages and abilities but have a real passion for starting puppies off in the right way - It is a lot easier to prevent any problems than fix them down the line.

Sarah wants all owners to have a great relationship with their dog and enjoy the time they spend together.

Sarah currently shares her life with two dogs, Roo and Neo. They are both Lowchen (Little lion Dogs) which is a fairly rare breed in the UK. They are cheeky and fun small dogs that love training though like to test Sarah's skills when they can! 

Sarah is an Approved Dog Trainer with The Dog Training College who make sure all of their approved dog trainers have been vetted, monitored and reviewed. They also ensure that all the trainers are suitably qualified, insured and only use kind training methods.

Qualifications and Courses attended

Approved Dog Trainer with The Dog Training College

Advanced Animal Training (ILLIS ABC)

ISCP Certified Dog Trainer Diploma Level 5 (In progress)

Scentwork UK Instructor

Dog Parkour UK Instructor

Dog Parkour UK Evaluator 

IMDT 2 day dog trainer course

DTC Puppy Specialist

DTC Body Language Specialist

DTC Reactive specialist

DTC Scentwork specialist

The School of Canine Science Puppy lab

COE Puppy Training Diploma

30 Days of Canine Science

BTEC Dog Grooming

Canine First Aid 

We also work closely with other trainers and dog based companies to offer a variety of workshops and events for our clients.
Have a look at our events page for more information.
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Meet the Little Lions

Roo is 8 years old and a sensitive girl.

She loves Dog Parkour, learning tricks and trips to the beach.

Roo has arthritis in multiple joints so her training and activities have been adapted to help in the management of her condition.


Neo is 4 years old and is playful and a bit mischievous! He had hopes of doing a lot more training activities but due to some on going health problems he has had to have a break - we hope to get him back on track with his scentwork soon. 

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