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Trail Hunt is an exciting new scentwork sport that is a mix of tracking and trailing

We teach the dogs to follow an odour trail to find their scent pod


The game is taught through a series of exercises that build motivation and learning gradually

Once you and your dog has attended the Foundations workshops you can practice easily on your own with minimal equipment.

Any dog can do Trail Hunt - it's designed to be accessible for all and we can make adjustments as we go to suit you and your dog.

No previous experience needed and if you already have experience of other scentwork sports such as scent detection or Mantrailing this is a great activity to add! We use different odours so your dogs will easily learn the difference between activities.

There is so much to learn in trail Hunt

  • You can start with the Foundations which will get you trailing on your own

  • Add the Foundations plus workshops to build on your dogs searching ability and add in a indication

  • You can then move on to the components levels - these increase difficulty and create variety in your trailing

  • Through out you can earn achievements by registering your dog with Trail Hunt international - you will receive a log book and we can sign off your achievements as you progress.

  • There will also be Level tests and trials (competitions) coming in the future

I am so excited to be offering this new sport and am always happy to have a chat in advance if you would like to find out more

1:1 sessions are also available which may be more suitable for reactive dogs or even just if you want to arrange a better time to suit you

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