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Dog Parkour is a fairly new dog sport and is sometimes described as urban agility.

For me Dog Parkour is a wonderful sport to build your dogs confidence, teach some really useful behaviours and help your dog understand their own body and movements.

A simple explanation of Parkour is that we are teaching our dogs different ways in which to interact with objects and their environment. 

One of the many reasons I love Parkour so much is that it can be done anywhere!

I will often add Parkour to my walks, sometimes because it is useful in the moment but often because it is fun for my dogs - they absolutely love it! 

Through building these behaviours into walks you will see your dog is more engaged with you and checking back to see if that game is going to start!

For high energy dogs it can also help slow them down - We take safety seriously so are careful to teach them to not rush and to think it through


There are Parkour challenges and certificates to be gained within the sport too.

Dog Parkour workshops dates are listed on our training classes page 

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