Three French Bullgod Puppies
Puppy training
All packages have been designed to offer varying levels of training but they can be adapted to suit -
For example the Platinum Package has been designed to suit people that are in the planning stages of getting a puppy but the elements can be swopped and changed to suit you even if you already have your puppy.

Puppy package elements

Phone consult - This call is to discuss which package would be best for you and what you are hoping to achieve from the training. If you already have your puppy it will allow us adapt the packages to suit your needs.


Breed/ Breeder selection session - This session is designed to help you decide which breed is a good match for your lifestyle and preferences. It also covers how to find the right breeder, what questions to ask and red flags to look out for. We can also point you in the right direction of knowledgable people to talk to about the breeds you are considering.

We will also discuss how to pick the puppy out of the litter - its not always the one that chooses you (though sometimes it is!).

This session can be done via Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp video call or just a normal phone call.


Pre puppy home visit - This session is all about getting you prepared for your puppies arrival. We discuss what to have ready in advance, what to buy, how to travel your puppy home and what to focus on during the first few days. We also give advice on how to deal with the first few bedtimes and the best way to settle your new puppy into his new home. This session is done in person so we can see your home set up and give you advice about where to set your puppies bed up, what spaces to give him access to and we can often spot thing you might not have considered as relevant.


Post puppy arrival home visit - This session is all about puppy basics including house training, crate training, biting, chewing and teaching a bit of focus so you can start building your relationship in a positive way. Puppies can be hard work at the beginning and these sessions are designed to make life as easy as possible for you and your puppy.


Initial 1-2-1 Training session - This session is to get you started on the practical training that your puppy will need. It can include a selection of the follow as examples: Sit, Lie down, settle on your bed, walk nicely, pay attention, recall... we adapt all 1-2-1 sessions to include what you think is important as well as our recommendations for your puppy.

Follow on training 1-2-1 sessions - These sessions follow on from the initial session, add new behaviours and build on the ones you have started with.


Walk and train sessions - These sessions are all about taking what your puppy has learnt out into the real world. 

The walk and train sessions can be tailored to any elements of the training to suit you. We have made suggestions of recall, loose lead and focus but they can be adapted into any area of the training we offer. The sessions can be done with the owner or without - we do suggest that you will get more out of the sessions if you attend however for people with busy lifestyles the option is there for us to practise the training for you.

Goody bag - Who doesn't like a goody bag! Our goody bags include a selection of items that we use for our own dogs and things we know puppies like. We aim to add things you might not have seen before and will include information about where to purchase them.. just in case they turn out to be your puppies favourite!

Email Support and video demos - We aim to give you lots of information, practical advise and demonstrations during the sessions but we know from experience that its often handy to have something to look back on afterwards. After the initial training 1-2-1 you will be sent a in depth email with everything we have covered and each session afterwards will include a follow up email with reminders. We also include video demos for you to watch... you can see us doing the exercises with our dogs and use them as a guide.